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Domestic Sewage

        The process of raw water, and grid regulation pool to lifting pump, circulating pump, bioreactor, membrane module, disinfection device, process water storage ponds, water water system of sewage by the grid into the conditioning tank after lifting pump into the bioreactor, open aeration oxygenation machine through the PLC controller, bioreactor effluent the circulating pump into the membrane separation unit, concentrated water return regulation pool, membrane separation water after rapid mixing method (sodium hypochlorite disinfection, bleaching powder, chlorine tablets), into the water storage tank. The backwash pump uses the water in the cleaning tank to carry out the backwash of the membrane treatment equipment, and the backwash sewage returns to the regulating tank. Lift and lift of pump by water level control in bioreactor. The filtering operation and backwashing operation of membrane unit can be controlled automatically or manually. When the membrane unit needs the chemical cleaning operation, close the inlet valve and the sewage circulation valve, open the medicine washing valve and the medicine circulation valve, start the liquid circulation pump, and carry out the chemical cleaning operation. The integrated bioreactor is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC). The following functions: membrane bioreactor process using automatic control system, greatly reducing the cost of operation and management. When the bioreactor to the high water level, the lift pump stops running, when the water level dropped to the low water level to enhance the pump automatically open. According to the water level in the water tank automatically open and close the circulation pump. Automatically open and close the dosing pump, dosing can be adjusted according to needs. Automatic film cleaning and disinfection procedures. Motor with over-current, overload protection.